My Pantry Makeover!

Just in time for the holidays and my pantry is finally ready! I wanted to share the transformation with y’all.

I had been saving the pantry for a weekend when I could really devote all my time and energy. So much of our family’s time is spent in the kitchen and – now that we have one – our pantry.

(I find Jeff and the kids snacking in there all the time!) 

My main goals were to keep some empty space for seasonal items and include a low shelf just for the kiddos. They’re both at an age where we believe it’s important to empower them to get things for themselves and that includes making their own breakfast and lunches on the weekends. 

After clearing everything out of the pantry – I left the spices to save time and reorganized them alphabetically when I was done.



Next I started with the top shelf and used large baskets from Target. They were luckily the perfect width for the shelf! I used one bin each for: Popcorn, Chips, Pretzels, and Sweets. I wanted to keep these snacks high above those little hands! 

Then I began working on the lower shelves and food for the kids: cereals, healthy snacks like seaweed and dried fruits, plus our pet food and treats. The kids have been taking on more responsibilities lately and feeding our fur babies is one of them!



After that the rest of the shelves fell into place pretty easily. I loved using the chalkboard labels because they are so easy to erase and re-use! 

Here’s a full list of the products I used to create this transformation: 

mDesign Large 14” Bins

OXO Cereal Dispenser

OXO Cookie Jar

OXO Pop Assorted Containers

OXO 2.4 Quart Containers

Chalkboard Labels

15” Kitchen Turntable (Calling them turntables instead of lazy susans sounds so much cooler right??) 

Check out the time lapse video below!

Taking it all out.
Putting all back organized.