Dochen Bedroom Makeover

I am super excited to share with you all this in-depth look at a project I worked on for a client of mine in the Austin Metro Area. This particular client is a young realtor looking to re-organize her home, starting with her clothing closets. For this fashionista, streamlining her space is key because she needs the space to be more functional and getting ready to be easier. We will be tackling her home office, pantry and other spaces in the new year as well, because she sees clients at home and her dog has a successful Instagram account! I love my clients. <3

The very first thing I did was work with my client to go through each item and purge things she hasn’t worn or used in over 6 months. Yep, we did it in true Marie Kondo style – piling it all on the bed. It really works (plus you can’t go to sleep until it is done so it is super motivating!)

It is surprising how much we all accumulate and simply don’t realize until we go through it. We put together bags upon bags of items to donate too. If you’re blessed enough to have more than you need – pay it forward!

We didn’t stop at the closet either – we went through every drawer too!

Once everything was out of the drawers and closets and each item was looked through to keep or donate, it was time to put it all back again – with the proper organizers to make it all work!

Drawer organizers, matching slim line hangers, more storage and new shoe organizers and away we go. Check out what the space looks like now!

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