Organizing Holiday Decor

Happy first Sunday of the new year, y’all! The new year is finally here (whew)! With all the holiday excitement, it’s easy to lose steam. To look at the pile of holiday trinkets and decorations and say, “I’ll get to it later.” But hindsight AND foresight is 2020!

Think about it – how great would it be to not only have all your holiday decor organized and put away, but to also have the peace of mind of knowing what you have, and where it is when you need it? Say it with me, “Ahhhhhhh. That’s lovely.”

To get ahead of the holiday cleanup, I came up with a simple organization system. All I need is a label maker and some clear plastic container bins with locking tops. I have to say, these storage bins from Sterilite are my faves for storing all my holiday decor. You can find them anywhere, online and in stores, too! 

Labeling each container really reduces the guesswork about what goes where when it’s time to put things away and get started on that New Year’s resolution. Having labels on the containers makes it easy for the whole family to pitch in, and with clear containers, it’s easy to see what I have so I know what to buy on sale all year. 😉 

Next year we won’t be hunting around for the little details like the tree skirt, because let’s be honest – who has the time to do that anyhow?

What I really love about this system is that I have my decor ready to go for every holiday. Easter baskets – got ‘em! Turkey costumes for the school play? Check! New Year’s Eve party kit? You know it! 

Having everything at your fingertips and easily found is a great holiday stress-reducer, and if that isn’t a gift that keeps on giving, I don’t know what is! 

Want to know what’s even better? It is a time and money-saver having your gift wrapping supplies already organized and ready to go. Add a box for them and store wrapping paper, boxes, bows, gift bags, gift tags and tissue paper all in one container. Pro tip: After the holiday season is done and it’s clearance time, I can just peek in at what we have left and get everything we need to add to it, anywhere from 50-90% off! Don’t forget to add tape, you can NEVER have enough. 

No unshattered ornaments? It’s a holiday miracle!

Start your new year organized for every holiday to come. Your sanity will thank you for it! And as always, I’d love to help if you’re not sure where to start. You can schedule an online or in-person session with me for your home or office.

Does your family have a system to manage the holiday mayhem? I’d love to know more in the comments below!