Organizing the Master Bath

Congratulations on surviving the marathon holiday fun, y’all! The new year has brought the excitement of SO MANY changes for our little family. I saw this meme and I felt seen, lol. 

Little by little, the dust is settling on the move to Austin and the holidays, and we couldn’t be happier. 

One of the key components to happiness is relaxation. Everyone needs a sanctuary where they can just be still. Be in the moment. And breathe. I can’t think of a better place to do that (especially for parents who need a getaway IN the house) than by making your bathroom your personal Zen den, and it’s an easy task!

Beautiful photo of meticulously organized bathroom tub of master bathroomby Design Happy, LLC.
Beautiful photo of meticulously organized bathroom tub of master bathroomby Design Happy, LLC.

I know every bathroom has its challenges. Maybe it’s too narrow, or it doesn’t have enough light. Perhaps you have one space for mom, dad and the kiddos. 

Any bathroom, no matter how big or small, can provide much-needed solace once it’s organized.

Our master bathroom challenge was the toiletry tsunami that just happened because we have a lot of closed-door cabinets. 

Yea, no.

With so many convenient spaces to chuck stuff into, the clutter began to take over so I adopted the simple, effective system of decluttering and organizing our master bathroom. 

Step One: Beautiful Containers

I purchased a matching set of wicker baskets with label tabs and got to work. With glass doors, I knew that the aesthetic needed to be uniform and neutral, and these baskets created a subtle yet eye-catching chromatic color scheme – while labels still point out where all the stuff is!

Step 2: Purging all the Excess

As usual, the next step is to go through all the toiletries. If you’re anything like me, you have a LOT of them, and you know you don’t use them all, but you spent so much money you don’t want to throw them away. I am here to tell you, it’s time. 

Step 3: Separate and Store 

The baskets held everything perfectly! No matter what your space looks like, as long as you have the right storage containers, you will see a BIG impact when everything has a proper place. 

I used clear acrylic containers to organize the sink drawers to hold my hair accessories – hair ties, bobby pins, and brushes.


PRO TIP: Using clear containers is the perfect solution for organizing nail polish and mani / pedi accessories because few things are more stressful than not knowing if one of those suckers has spilled and left a sticky mess (a hazard when little ones in the house sometimes play with your makeup), or if your favorite shade that goes with everything is a dried-up goner.

From the worst surprise grab bag EVER.
To pretty shimmering in pinks!

With a clear space, you have a clear mind, and nothing is more important than having a sanctuary to get that inner peace back after a stressful day. If you only get five minutes to yourself – make it a beautiful five minutes. 

Wine glass by foamy bath tub
Wine glass by foamy bath tub

A little less zen, but very important – the most practical reason to organize your bathroom is for safety. Every bathroom should have quick access to a first-aid kit because accidents do happen. No more wondering if the band-aids have expired, or where the heck that gauze I just know I saw a year ago is.

By organizing our master bathroom, we now have a serene space that works for us individually, and as a couple. Jeff’s grooming products are organized too, and we can peacefully enjoy our gorgeous bathroom without tripping over each other.

Having everything in its place means more time to primp, pamper, or just catch my breath and we can ALL use more time for that. 

No guesswork, just aaahhh.