Design & Declutter for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, breaking up is easy to do! Break up clutter AND your V-Day bouquet. Repurpose unused containers you have around the house to decorate with florals for love’s favorite holiday!

Ever wondered why giving flowers became such a big deal on Valentine’s Day? 

As it turns out, this tradition dates back to ancient Rome and the martyrdom of Roman Catholic priest Saint Valentine. Back then, it was traditional for couples to give each other flowers on their wedding day. When a Roman emperor outlawed marriage, Saint Valentine continued to marry people in secret. He was jailed and executed, but the tradition of lovers exchanging flowers on the anniversary of his death remains as a tradition to honor him.

Legend also has it that Saint Valentine wrote a letter from jail and signed it, “from your Valentine,” which is where the tradition of modern Valentine’s Day cards come from!

Design & Declutter! 

I’m a big fan of upcycling and reusing materials for holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. It’s amazing what you can create by repurposing old items that you no longer use! Not only does upcycling reduce your clutter, you also prevent creating more clutter if you don’t buy. Let’s face it – whether you’re decorating your house or making a handcrafted gift – giving it a personalized touch is as loving as it gets. From tin cans to mason jars and more, a crafty Valentine’s Day is an activity the entire family can enjoy. 

Craft to Your Heart’s Desire!

Metal Cans

Mmm, mmm good!

Do you have cans of expired food taking up space in your pantry? No worries, we all do. You can clear out those old cans and turn them into stunning centerpieces, personalized display vases – whatever you want! The best part about using metal cans is their durability.  

To paint, decorate with lace, or leave as is? So. Many. Options!

Use metal cans to display gorgeous floral arrangements indoors or outdoors. Punch holes for stunning visual patterns, or personalize heartfelt messages with chalkboard paint, and more. 

Mason Jars and Baby Food Jars

Flowers breathing easy and being breezy!

Have high kitchen cabinets with jars of ancient pasta sauce tucked out of reach? That’s an upcycling goldmine! To me, Mason jars are that perfect size. They’re wide enough to hold sizable bouquets, treated to withstand different temperatures, and full of rustic charm.

Of course, no Valentine’s Day-themed blog would be complete without talking about gifts, romantic or otherwise. And baby food jars are the ideal size for personalized gifts. Use baby jars as floral salt scrub containers or beauty masks. Baby food jars are heat-treated, so you can even use them to bake mini-cakes to make some holiday treats!

All it takes to repurpose old items is a little inspiration. While looking around for some ideas for myself, I came across this gorgeous floral display using repurposed San Pellegrino glass bottles.

Who would have thought that bottles would make such a stunning – and HAPPY – centerpiece! 

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